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At Home or School, Children Can Practice Handwriting Anywhere

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Just in time for the Back To School Season comes an affordable and easy way for children to practice their handwriting – GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Handwriting Sheets.

The self-stick sheets are an inexpensive alternative to costly dry erase lapboards. Simple apply to desks, table, notebooks, walls and more to create a writing surface anywhere you are. The repositionable adhesive backs can be used over and over again. All GoWrite! products are guaranteed to erase when used with dry erase markers.

At home, the sheets could be hung in your child’s room. Have them practice their handwriting by asking them to write about something fun they did that day. At the end of the week, review it together.

At school, teachers can hang the sheets around the classroom and have students record classroom chores, the daily schedule or weekly lunch menu.

GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Handwriting Sheets

GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Handwriting Sheets are a convenient and inexpensive way for students to practice their handwriting at home or at school.

Economical and Expanding On-the-Go Document Storage

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Do you need to take your work with you on a daily basis? Are you looking for an economical solution to this problem? If this is you, then Expanding Envelopes with Cloth Ties, from Kleer-fax, may be the perfect product for you.

The one-piece construction and 11 point red wallet material make the envelope the economical solution to toting around your files, reports, notes and more. Plus, the cloth tie ensure that your papers won’t go flying while you are on the go.

One of the most popular items, 70231, is perfect for letter size papers and expands up to one inch. But with a variety of sizes and expansions up to two inches, you are sure to find one to meet your needs.

Kleer-fax Expanding Envelopes with Cloth Ties

Kleer-fax Expanding Envelopes with Cloth Ties let you take your business with you while on the go, keeping your documents safe, secure and at your finger tips.

Be Office-Chic with this Fashionable File Transport

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Despite popular opinion, it is possible to be practical, as well as stylish, while carrying around your papers and files. The Tarifold Translucent Briefcase is here to help you achieve this paradox of everyday organization.

The fashionable briefcase is the perfect organizational tool for any contemporary office employee or student. The briefcase will not add weight to you bag, as it is made from lightweight, yet strong and durable, polypropylene. The colorful clip closure matches the side color of the case, and pops against the rest of the solid gray opaque exterior.

The briefcase features a retractable handle for ease in carrying to the office or across campus. The interior contains two slots for pens, in addition to adequate document storage.

Tarifold Translucent Briefcase

Easily store, organize and transport important files and papers, while still looking stylish, with the Tarifold Translucent Briefcase.

Put your Data on Display

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Need a central location to keep commonly used and referenced forms or reports? We have the perfect product for you in the 9 Pocket Data Rack, from Buddy Products.

The rack is specially designed to hold file folders, data reports, and more. The pockets are slightly over-sized, to make getting at the files, folders, reports and sheets easier. Even though the pockets are larger, the forms will not get disheveled and fall all over the floor as each pocket is enclosed on both ends.  The entire data rack measures a slim 13 ½”W x 2″D x 40″H.

Buddy Products 9 Pocket Data Rack

The 9 Pocket Data Rack, from Buddy Products, helps you keep many widely-used and frequently-referenced forms and reports in one convenient office location.

Impress People With Your Craftiness and Creativity

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Looking for an easier way to add intricate designs to your scrapbook pages, notecards and stationery? Fiskars has come up with a solution that will have you adding embossing in a snap – the ShapeBoss Embossing System Starter Set.

The ShapeBoss Starter Set allows the ease and convenience of embossing without the need for a light box. The dual stencil system shows exactly where to emboss.

The set includes a starter stencil set and dual-tip stylus, which features a comfort grip. The large work surface accommodates large size materials. The storage compartment holds supplies, stencils, papers, extra styluses and more.

With overall dimensions of 14 ½ x 13 ½ x 1 ½ inches and a weight of just under 2 pounds, the set is easy to transport to craft events and fairs. Quickly add a simple elegance to a variety of materials, including metals, card stock and vellum.

Don’t forget, Directly Yours also carries a variety of stencils, scissors, page protectors and more to fulfill all your arts and craft needs.

Fiskars ShapeBoss Embossing System Starter Set

Take your arts and crafts with you while on the go with the Fiskars ShapeBoss Embossing System Starter Set.

Speed Up the Binding Process with Individual Letter Tab Dividers

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Stop wasting time, by sectioning that document, and money, by throwing away unused tabs, because you are using collated dividers. Switch to Kleer-fax 9000 series All-State style individual letter dividers sets, and you will be saving company and yourself time and money.

These sturdy index dividers are available in individual lettered sets of 25 per pack. Use them to collate several sets at one time, one section at a time. Rather than going back and forth between different sections of materials, use the assembly line method and put together all of the contents for one divider for all copies before moving on to the next. This way, you will also be sure that the correct papers have remained together.

All dividers are made from recycled stock that contains a minimum of 30% post consumer waste. The 1/26 cut tabs are laminated for lasting durability. All indexes come unpunched, to fit a variety of binding systems.

Kleer-fax 90000 Series Letter Size All-State Style Individual Letters Side Tab Dividers

Kleer-fax 90000 Series Letter Size All-State Style Individual Letters Side Tab Dividers will have those documents put together faster and easier.

Hang Important Information Where It Can Be Seen

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

And now presenting… the simple solution to posting important information and notices that are vertically oriented – Tarifold Vertical Hanging Pockets.

The holder is expandable to offer capacity flexibility. With this pocket, you can hold a single sheet of paper, a multi-page document or even a brochure. The metal hanger allows you to display information virtually anywhere.

All holders within the Tarifold t-individual series, including the Vertical Hanging Pockets, do not require you to also purchase and/or use the organization and display systems, like those in the t-office and t-technic series. Use one or more; the choice is up to you!

Tarifold Vertical Hanging Pockets

Tarifold Vertical Hanging Pockets let you hang notices and documents wherever they are needed.

From Corner to Corner, Have Organization Under Control

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Loose papers and reports driving you crazy as you try to sort through the piles on your desk? Get those important things organized with Corner to Corner Bands, from Alliance Rubber Company.

The uniquely-designed bands are made from one continuous piece of rubber that stretches from 8 ½ inches to 24 inches. The band hooks over all four corners of the object you are securing, keeping it in one neat bundle.

Use the reusable bands whenever you have lots of important papers or odd-sized objects that need to stay secured together. Also, there are no seams on the band, so it won’t catch where it isn’t supposed to.

Alliance Rubber Corner to Corner Bands

Alliance Rubber Corner to Corner Bands are perfect for keeping together reports, presentations, odd-size materials and more.

Keep Your Folders From Getting Scattered

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Does your desk look like a tornado blew through it? Are there files and folders and binders scattered about? You can keep these items organized and at your fingertips with the Buddy Products 8 Section Wire Organizer.

The black steel base uses nine removable wire dividers (included) to create eight sections of folder and binder storage. Each wire divider is adjustable, so you can customize the rack to meet your needs.

Need more sections? The rack can be sectioned off into a total of 16 different compartments, with the use of the extra divider packs (available in packs of three).

With overall dimensions of 18 ½” x 8″ x 7 ¾”, the wire rack will keep your desk in order without taking up too much space.

Buddy Products 8 Section Wire Organizer

The 8 Section Wire Organizer, from Buddy Products, will get your desk in order and keep files, folders, reports and binders at your fingertips.