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Pull the Plug on Media Storage Mayhem

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Are you looking for a better way to store your CDs and DVDs? Do you not like the tremendous amount of storage space that their cases require? If this is your dilemma, then you should be using Deluxe CD Ring Binder Storage Pages from C-Line.

The most popular holder is the CLI-61958, which holds 4 CD/DVDs in a standard 3-ring binder. Other storage page options include one that holds a total of 8 CD/DVDs and another that holds 4 CD/DVDs and also features index tabs. Both also fit in a standard 3-ring binder.

Each media storage page is made from polypropylene that is safe for CD/DVD storage use. They feature a special two-sided, non-woven material which helps to clean the CD/DVD each time it is placed in the page.

C-Line Products Deluxe CD Ring Binder Storage

C-Line Products Deluxe CD Ring Binder Storage Pages let you organize your CD/DVDs in standard 3-ring binders.

Always Know What Day It Is

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Having trouble keeping track of which day of the week it is? Life gets so hectic sometimes and it is easy to forget what day it is. To get your bearings straight, try using Self Stick Dry Erase Calendar Sheets, from GoWrite!.

Each calendar sheet has a backing made from self-stick ultra-removable adhesive, which means they can be used over and over again. They easily apply to walls, desks, doors or any clean, flat surface. To keep the use hassle-free, the calendar sheets are preprinted with the days of the week. The GoWrite sheets are guaranteed to erase when used with dry erase markers.

These sheets are a great idea for children, who can use the calendar to countdown the days to a special event, such as a holiday, birthday or vacation. Or, you can use the calendar in a classroom, to post homework assignments or field trip dates.

GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Calendar Sheets

With the Self Stick Dry Erase Calendar Sheets, from GoWrite!, quickly and easily create a calendar for your home, office or classroom.

On the Go, File Jackets are the Way to Go

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Need to transport your legal papers with the knowledge that they are safe and secure in their holder? Kleer-fax Legal Size Manila File Jackets are great for taking files, charts and other papers out of the office without the worry of losing them.

The one piece die cut construction has a front panel that is 9 inches high and features a thumb cut for easy access to papers. The back panel is ½ inch higher for indexing and labeling. The sides are closed and the full height of the file jacker, so you can be sure your papers will not fall out.

Each file jacket is made from 11 point manila stock that contains 10% recycled material from post consumer waste. The file jackets are available in expansion sizes that range from flat to 2 inches.

Kleer-fax Legal Size Manila File Jackets

Kleer-fax Legal Size Manila File Jackets let you easily transport files out of the office without the worry of losing them.

Turn Your Office Area into a Clutter-Free Zone

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Keep clutter off of your desk and smaller office products together with the t-office Modular Reference Display, by Tarifold.

The contemporary design of the desktop organizer creates a stylish area to hold your frequently referenced data, information and documents. The starter set comes with 10 gray wire-reinforced non-glare polypropylene pockets. Because they are two-sided, you can store up to 20 pages. The pockets can also be easily removed for photocopying purposes.

Snap-on index tabs are also included, for quick and easy information identification. The stand has three compartments to hold smaller items, such as sticky notes, pens, binder clips and more.

Although the starter set comes with 10 pockets, you can easily expand to 20 or 30 pockets with the installation of the expansion sets. If you require even more storage room, the organizer becomes infinitely expandable with the additional of the extension sets.

Tarifold t-office Modular Reference Display

The Tarifold t-office Modular Reference Display keeps your desk clean, clutter-free and chic.

Your Rubber Bands Can Last Longer

Monday, August 16th, 2010

After awhile do you notice some rubber bands deteriorate and become unusable?  Keep them lasting longer with Antimicrobial Protected Rubber Bands from Alliance Rubber Company.

The antimicrobial protected rubber bands feature an antimicrobial agent that helps provide protection from the growth of fungi, mold and bacteria that can cause early product deterioration. Also, they are 100% latex-free to protect against latex allergies.

The bands are cyan blue in color, for easy identification. Each comes packed in 1/4 pound boxes, with the #19 size (3 1/2″ long x 1/16″ wide) containing approximately 360 bands per box.

Alliance Rubber Antimicrobial Protected Rubber Bands

Alliance Rubber Antimicrobial Protected Rubber Bands feature an antimicrobial agent to helps provide protection from the growth of fungi, mold and bacteria that can cause early deterioration.

Give Your Feet a Break… Even When You Aren’t on One

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Think being relaxed while you are working at your desk is only a dream? It will be a fantasy no longer when you use the Foot Rest with Rollers, from Buddy Products.

The Ergo-Wise™ design features six textured rollers that move independently of each other. The fully-adjustable angle knobs tighten to stabilize the platform or loosen to adjust for each user’s comfort.

To give yourself a relaxing massage, loosen the knobs. Now sit back and stretch out your legs, allowing the platform to rock back and forth, exercising and revitalizing your legs and feet.

With its compact size (13 3/8″ x 11 3/8″ x 4 1/4″), the footrest can be conveniently stored away while not in use. But that might not be very often.

Buddy Products Foot Rest with Rollers

The Buddy Products Foot Rest with Rollers will provide relaxation for the legs and feet while you work at your desk.

Magnetize the Maintence Manuals

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Have you even had a problem with your printer or copier, but can never find the manual in order to fix it? If this sounds like you, think about using a C-Line Magnetic Shop Ticket Holder to store your manuals, maintenance log and more directly on the machine.

The vinyl holders feature a magnetic backing, so they will adhere to any flat, metal surface. The welded, non-rip seams will ensure lasting durability. The 9 x 12 holder (CLI-83912) is a great solution to holding and posting most letter size manuals and booklets directly onto machinery, file cabinets, racking and more.

C-Line Products Magnetic Shop Ticket Holder

C-Line Magnetic Shop Ticket Holders let you post manuals and other important documents on printers, copiers, file cabinets and more.

Make a mark with your memory preservation

Thursday, August 5th, 2010
Fiskars ScrapBoss Starter Set

Add a new dimension to scapbooks with the Fiskars ScrapBoss Starter Set.

Want to add something new to your scrapbooks but aren’t sure what technique to try? Start embossing or stenciling with the ScrapBoss Starter Set from Fiskars.

The starter set includes everything you need to emboss and stencil designs, borders, frames and more onto your scrapbook pages. Each set includes a starter stencil set, two stylus’ and a project booklet. The tray is large enough to accommodate 12″ x 12″ paper. The large compartment underneath stores your stencils, stylus’, paper and more, so that you can keep your supplies together.

Simply staple that stack of sheets

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Need an easier way to staple that booklet of papers? If you have ever had a difficult time stapling together more than two sheets of paper, you must take a look at the PaperPro Hi Capacity Stapler.

The stapler allows you to staple up to 60 sheets of paper using only two fingers. It utilizes a staple gun mechanism to provide the power of an electric stapler, in a desktop version. By exerting only 12 pounds of pressure with your fingers, the stapler delivers 50 pounds of force.

Since it is designed for high volume commercial use, you can be sure it will withstand the wear and tear of the office. The staplers uses high capacity staples, designed to hold up to 60 sheets of paper.

PaperPro Hi Capacity Stapler

The PaperPro Hi Capacity Stapler lets you easily staple up to 60 sheets of paper with the touch of just two fingers.