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The Solution to Safely Storing your Superior Stuff

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Looking for a secure, yet compact place to store your valuables at home or the office? Try the Electronic Floor/Shelf Safe from Buddy Products.

The safe is battery operated, but features a removable faceplate that reveals a backup key lock, in case of battery failure. Two keys are also included with the safe. The door is made from 8 gauge steel construction and the body is 14 gauge steel. The interior has soft carpet to protect your precious valuables.

With overall dimensions of 13-3/4″w x 8-7/8″d x 9-3/4″h and a total weight of 25 pounds, it is larger enough to hold financial papers, jewelry, important documents and more, but small enough to remain hidden away in a closet, cabinet or desk. Also, it can be mounted to the floor, on a shelf, or in a desk, so you won’t have to worry about someone walking off with the safe.

Buddy Products Electronic Floor/Shelf Safe

Safely store your valuables in your home or office with the Electronic Floor/Shelf Safe from Buddy Products.

Store Bulky Papers in your Binder Without a Problem

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Want to store that promotional company’s catalog in your event planning binder? Or keep the lengthy annual report with the other contents of your household finances binder?  Use a C-Line high capacity sheet protector to hold all your papers together, in one place.

Each protector holds up to 50 pages, making it ideal to store multiple page items, such as reports, catalogs, clippings, receipts, statements, and more. The heavyweight polypropylene sheet protectors provide long-lasting durability. Plus, they are archival quality, meaning you won’t have to worry about ink transferring from the paper to the plastic.

C-Line High Capacity Sheet Protectors

Keep multiple papers together and in one holder with the High Capacity Sheet Protectors from C-Line.

Comfortably Trim and Crop your Arts and Crafts

Monday, June 21st, 2010

When working on craft projects, it is easy to want to show a lot of detail in your work. However, it is sometimes not so easy to get that detail. Frequently, you’ll need to cut or trim something with a pair of scissors that are either too large or oddly shaped. If you have been in that situation, try switching to Comfort Grip Micro-Tip Scissors by Fiskars.

The combination of the extra large finger loops, Softgrip® handles and Micro-Tip® blades make this pair of scissors a must in anyone’s home, especially a crafter’s. The generously-sized loops are ergonomically designed to feel good in your hands. The scissors’ sharp blades allow for precision cuts and the ability to get into to tight spaces for smaller snips.

Before you begin that next project, take a look at our scissors selection to find one that is perfect for your trimming and cropping needs.

Fiskars Comfort Grip Micro-Tip Scissors

Fiskars Comfort Grip Micro-Tip Scissors combine comfort and accuracy that results in an exceptional cutting tool.

Keep Papers Organized and Portable with a File Wallet

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

While you’re on the go, easily keep your papers, receipts, notes and more organized and easy-to-carry when you use Red Gusseted File Wallets with Cloth Ties, from Kleer-fax.

Not only does the wallet let you easily tote your information with you, but it is also constructed for longevity. Made from durable red-wallet stock with 10% post consumer waste and featuring double thick front and back ends. The gussets are Mylar® reinforced for durability. The wallets also feature cloth ties to keep your materials safe and secure.

Red Gusset Wallets with Cloth Ties

Red Gusseted File Wallets with Cloth Ties, from Kleer-fax, keep your papers together while you are on the go.

Get Your Desktop Organized to Increase Productivitiy

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Hate searching all over your office for that cross-reference list? Then, when you finally find it, you have to awkwardly lean over it to read the data on the flat, horizontal surface while you use that information complete a spreadsheet? “Yes”, you say? Then, consider keeping manuals, price lists, instruction sheets and other reference materials in order with the Tarifold t-technic Original Desktop Organizer with a metal base.

Each pocket is clear on both sides, so that it holds two pages or sheets of paper. Once the organizer is loaded with frequently referenced information and materials, that is when the magic happens. Instead of hunting all over your desk, book shelves and file cabinets, the information is right there, in a color-coded series of pockets. Plus, its convenient-to-read angled surface makes it easier to glance at the information while working. If you need more space, the organizer can easily be expanded to go from holding 20 sheets to 120 pages of information.

Tarifold Desktop Organizer - Assorted Colored Pockets

Keep frequently referenced materials at your fingertips with the t-technic Original Desktop Organizer with metal base from Tarifold.

Guard Against Latex Allergic Reactions with Latex Free Rubber Bands

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Use a lot of rubber bands? Protect your office or facility from latex-based allergic reactions and switch to latex free rubber bands from Alliance Rubber.

As durable and versatile as regular latex rubber bands, these are 100% latex-free. These bands contain no natural rubber proteins, and instead,  made from synthetic rubber, to protect against latex allergies.

All latex-free bands from Alliance Rubber are orange, for quick and easy identification. Each one pound box is sure to last, with the #19 size (3 1/2″ long x 1/16″ wide) containing approximately 1700 bands per box.

Alliance Rubber Latex Free Rubber Bands

Latex free rubber bands from Alliance Rubber help to protect users from latex allergy reactions.

Suggestion Box Solicits Opinions with Confidence

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Wonder what your customers are thinking when they are in your store? Feel that employees in your business think they could do something better? Ask for their advice by putting out a suggestion box from Buddy Products.

In the age of online surveys and email, this is a throwback to simpler times. And it affords the critic a bit of anonymity; if they don’t want to sign their name, they don’t have to.

The steel box comes with a tumbler lock and two keys. It also features suggestion cards and a chain pen, which can be placed anywhere on the box for convenience (and so it won’t walk away – funny how pens seem to grow legs when you aren’t looking). Because it can sit on a table or counter or be mounted to a wall, you can put it wherever you want.

Buddy Products Steel Suggestion Box with Suggestion Cards

A suggestion box allows employees and customers to easily submit feedback on your company or product.

And here’s a suggestion for your suggestion box – if there one aspect or quality that is very important to your company’s goals, like safety, sustainability, etc., give the employee or customer an incentive if their suggestion is implemented and benefits that company goal. It can be a gift card to a local restaurant or to your own store. That will ensure the suggestions keep rolling in.

Take Your Art Projects and Designs Up a Notch

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Finished that art project, scrapbook page or greeting card and feel something is still missing? Add a little extra artistry by using Fiskars Decorative Scissors.

The scissors are available in different styles to give a distinct look to your project. Use the cloud scissors to create a whimsical vibe. Give your paper a regal look with the seagull scissor. Or go for a more hand-made edge when you use the ripple scissor.

Fiskars Decorative Scissors - Ripple

The ripple effect appears as dots strung together to create waves.

Fiskars Decorative Scissors - Seagull

Adds curves and strong edges to your project when using the seagull style.

Fiskars Decorative Scissors - Clouds

Whimsicality comes with the cloud style scissor.