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Stapling Papers is as Easy as “One and Done”

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Are you in relaxation mode for the Memorial Day holiday? Continue that pace by making the common task of stapling papers easier and use the Desktop Stapler from PaperPro.

This handy desk “staple” lets you staple papers without having to lift and hold it while in use. It also saves you from pounding on the product with your fist just to get it to do what you want it to. Place your paper in the stapler, press on the top of the stapler, and your pages will be affixed together.

PaperPro Desktop Stapler

The PaperPro desktop stapler makes stapling papers easy with its one-touch use.

File Sorting Just Got Easier

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Loathe sorting invoices, memos, order confirmations and more, so that they can be filed away? Dislike making several piles for each file category, classification or section?

“Yes and yes.” I thought so.

Try the All-Purpose Sorter from C-Line. Its durable plastic dividers allow you to sort and organize in one convenient area. Not only does it save you space; the divider leaves are pre-printed with common sorting groups:

  • alphabetical – A to Z
  • numerical – 1 to 31 and 0 to 30,000
  • months in the year – January to December
  • days of the week – Sunday to Saturday

Once finished, the sorter will easily store in any standard desk drawer, until the next time you need it.

C-Line All-Purpose Sorter

The C-Line all-purpose sorter makes file sorting quicker.

Save Paper Waste with Dry Erase Graph Sheets

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Wasting lots of paper figuring out a math problem? Designing a room layout that is turned into trial and error? If so, GoWrite can help with their Dry Erase Self-Stick Graph Sheets.

For the student learning graphs, this product is ideal. You can map out x,y coordinates for your homework problem, bring the sheet to school and if you didn’t get it correct, just erase and try again. All without the waste of graph paper.

For anyone who is trying to plan out a room, the product allows you to draw in room dimensions and include furniture, doorways, and more. If you don’t like the room arrangement, there is no need to start over. Just erase the elements you want to change, and start from there.

The sheets have a light adhesive self-stick backing, so they can be used multiple times. They also travel well, without the need to transport a heavy dry erase board. Or be wasteful be throwing away dozens of sheets of paper.

GoWrite Graph Paper Dry Erase Sheets

Practice math skills or plan designs over and over without needing a new piece of paper with GoWrite Dry Erase Graph Sheets.

Individual Number Legal Dividers Make Putting Together Legal Briefs Easier

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Looking for an easier way to put together lengthy legal documents? Hate buying the collated sets of dividers, then find you don’t need all the dividers in the set? If you answered yes, think about switching to Kleer-fax 8000 series Avery style individual legal dividers.

These sturdy index dividers are available in individual numbered sets of 25. Organize several sets at one time, one section at a time. Rather than going back and forth between different sections of materials, assemble all contents for one divider for all copies before moving on to the next. This keeps all the correct papers and exhibits together.

With available numbers of ranging from 1 to 600, you are sure to have enough dividers to accommodate your legal documents. You should no longer have to worry about ordering a single set that contains dividers numbered 1-10, then find that you only need the first nine dividers in the set. Plus, the 1/25 cut laminated tabs means the dividers will last. All indexes come unpunched, to fit a variety of binding systems.

Kleer-fax Legal Dividers: 80000 Series Avery Style Side Tabs

Kleer-fax 80000 Series Avery Style Legal Dividers provide easy organization when putting together legal briefs and documents.

Colorful Pinch Holder is Used for Office Organization… and Delight

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Looking for a colorful way to hold your papers and business cards? The Tarifold Pinch and Baby Pinch will do the job. Brightly colored and purely whimsical, these big and little guys will surely bring a small to anyone’s face. A great eye catcher in shops, restaurants and reception areas.

The larger holder acts as a multifunctional display system that can hold documents, cards and papers in various positions and orientations.  You can even mount it to the wall, and use it to hold the individual pockets.  Pinch is available in blue, clear and black.

If you are just looking for something a extra special to your business cards, Baby Pinch is your man. The smaller holder will hold any standard size business card in landscape or portrait orientation. Available in red, yellow, green, blue, and clear. Baby Pinch is sold in packs of 5, so get one for your work, one for your home office and give the rest away. Your co-workers will thank you!

Pinch and Baby Pinch

Tarifold Pinch and Baby Pinch holders help to keep your business cards organized while bringing a smile to your face.

SuperSize your bands to supersize your organization

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

How much do you like filling cartons when the flaps keep getting in the way? Do you seem to not have right technique for refolding the carton flaps when you want to re-close it without tape? Does the bag in your wastebasket fall inside every time you throw something in it?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above, you should think about trying SuperSize Bands™ from Alliance Rubber. All three sizes are available in 25 pound cases. But you can first test them out with the assortment pack of 24. The resealable pack comes with eight each of the 12” red bands, 14” green bands and 17” blue bands.

Use it to hold down the flaps of cartons for easy loading or to keep the flaps closed once you are finished loading. No need to tape and re-tape. Or use them to secure the trash bags in your garbage can. For added benefit, the blue band can stretch to hold a 55 gallon drum liner in place.

Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands

Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands™ can handle all big jobs around the office.

If you are looking for janitorial and sanitation bands, Alliance Rubber has many products to meet your needs and you can find them all on our website.

The Key to Keeping Keys Organized

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Are you ever on the hook to come up with the perfect way to keep keys organized?  If so, Buddy Products has the answer with their full line of  key boxes and key cabinets.

Whether you are looking for a simple plastic key tag, a key box for your drawer, a hanging file key rack for a “Pendaflex”  system, or a fancy electronic key cabinet that can be mounted to the wall, Buddy makes it and we sell it.

So, when you tire of hunting through piles of keys, take a look at our cabinet selection and find the key to organizing your key collection.

Buddy Products key cabinets help you keep keys organized.