Prevent Trash Liners Slippage with Alliance Can Bandz

May 17th, 2019

Alliance Rubber Can Bandz can keep trash liners from slipping into garbage cans and eliminate the frustration of dealing with the mess that comes with tossing something in the wastebasket while the liner is not secure.

The 7″ black bands can stretch and fit containers of any shape and size, up to 32 gallons. They are easy-to-use and are great for any setting. For ease in storing the elastic bands, they are packed in resealable poly zip bags.

Wastebasket liners are secured to trash cans with Can Bandz.

These durable elastic Can Bandz are great for securing can liners from slipping. Get yours now and never deal with bags from becoming unattached.

Organize CDs with CD Ring Binder Storage

May 16th, 2019

Have old CDs but don’t want to get rid of them yet? C-Line’s Deluxe CD Ring Binder Storage is a great way to keep your CDs safe and organized.

The CD Binder Storage Sheets are made of CD-safe polypropylene, which would give your CDS the ultimate protection. Plus, there is a double-sided non-woven material on the inside of the holder that can help clean CDs every time a CD is placed in the holder. Now you won’t need to worry about storing or having to clean your CDs.

The CD Ring Binder Storage comes with inkjet/laser inserts for the index tabs.

CDs can also be easily organized with the CD organizer sheets. All CDs can be all stored in a  3-ring binder and each sheet can hold four CDs. In addition, the clear sheets make finding CDS quicker. On top of that, CDs can be sorted with index tabs by different genres. Don’t throw away your CDs just yet. Organize them and maybe one day you’ll feel nostalgic and listen to a CD.

Rotary Magazine Rack Great for Small Office Spaces

April 26th, 2019

Sandusky Buddy’s Rotary Magazine Rack is a freestanding unit that is able to provide more storage than a table surface. It can help save storage space in your office or conference room. Plus, it is a great way to display reading materials or forms for guests.

The rotatable top storage that has four sides and on each side, there are four sections to store magazines or pamphlets. There is also additional storage located in the base cabinet, which measures to 15-1/4 wide x 15-1/2 deep x 19-5/8 height. The base is a great spot to hold extra magazines or items that are slightly bigger. This literature display is made of wood laminate that makes it a very neutral color and suitable for any professional setting.

What do you think about Sandusky’s Rotary Magazine Rack? Get yours now for your office.

The top of the unit rests on a ball bearing track and rotates a full 360 degrees for easy access.

Extra Pocket Means Extra Storage

April 16th, 2019

Sometimes we have a lot of documents to store but not enough to put them in an expanding file. C-Line’s Tri-Fold Poly Portfolio is the same size as a standard two-pocket folder when closed. However, when opened it has three-pockets. The extra pocket you get with a traditional folder design means more storage space for your letter-size documents. This folder can definitely hold more than your traditional two-pocket folder.

The Tri-Fold Poly Portfolios are easy to transport and come in a variety of colors!

The folders are great for classroom or office setting because they are made from heavyweight poly material, which will last a long time. Also, the business card holder on the middle pocket allows you to insert your business card or you can use it to either identify client presentations, class reports, or other important files. Plus, you can color coordinate your documents based on the portfolio colors. The folders come in the following colors black, blue, green, orange, red, purple and yellow.

Comment below and let us know what your thoughts on C-Line’s Tri-fold Poly Portfolio.

Mail Valuables with Durable Kraft Bubble Mailers

April 12th, 2019

It is important to keep valuables protected while mailing them and you can easily achieve that with Alliance Rubber’s Kraft Bubble Mailer.

The Kraft Bubble Mailers are a combination of a lined puncture-resistant air bubble interior and a stiff, rugged exterior. With all of that protection, the mailers are lightweight which can be save on postage.

The Kraft Bubble Mailers are ideal for mailing pictures, cassettes, jewelry & more!

A self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive strip helps secure the contents of your shipments. Also, the water-resistant envelopes have “To” and “From” address lines printed on them for easy use. The mailers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from  4 x 8 to 14 1/4 x 2. The envelope size options make it easy to find a mailer that fits the items that you are shipping.

Let us know in the comment section below what you think about Alliance’s Kraft Bubble Mailers and if you have used them.

Display Any Size Documents with Tarifold’s Four-Corner Holder

March 28th, 2019

Looking to keep important information such as the fire escape route on display? Tarifold’s Kang Easy Write Four-Corner Holder Pocket can easily help display information while having easy access to documents.

The pocket has a fully adhesive back, which can stick to any flat surface. Plus, its repositionable back allows to change the orientation of the display. Document insertion is made is easy with the four corners.  Simply choose the document you would like to show and place it in the pocket.

These easy-to-use pockets are easy to take notes on because there is no need to take the document out. In addition, they are made with a rigid material that can keep paper upright. So if you need to display a grocery list, a cleaning schedule, etc., use Tarifold’s Four-Corner Holder.

Tarifold Kang Easy Write Four-Corner Holder Pocket

The Easy Write Four-Corner Holder can be for potrait or landscape use.

Organize Office Documents with Write-On File Jackets

March 22nd, 2019

Spring is finally around the corner and you know what that means, spring cleaning time! One part of the house everyone dreads cleaning is the home office. Specifically, all the papers piling up on the desk and spilling onto the chair and floor. Luckily C-Line’s Playful Pops Write-On File Jackets can save the day. These file jackets allow you to organize your papers with fun designs. You can put all your tax paperwork in one, all your receipts in another, and so forth.

C-Line Products Playful Pops Write-On File Jackets

Write on the full-length tab with pencil, ball point pen or permanent marker to catgorize your documents.

Each File Jacket has a multi-colored front and each has a corresponding solid color back that is either charcoal gray, raspberry red or seaside blue.  There is a v-cut front on the file jackets that allows for easy access to documents and the full-length tab allows you to label each file jacket to make categorizing and organizing that much easier.

Have you used C-Line’s Playful Pops Write-On File Jackets? Comment below and let us know how you used it to organize your office or documents.

Illustrate Concepts with Dry Erase Sheets

February 27th, 2019

Sometimes, in order to work through a problem you just have to write it out.  Whether it’s in an office with your team members, or in a conference room in front of board members, having the ability to illustrate a concept or solution can be very powerful.  The GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Sheets can help demonstrate your ideas.

GoWrite Self Stick Dry Erase Sheets

Create learning aids, graphs, calendars and more with the Self-Adhesive Dry Erase Sheets.

Use the Self-Adhesive Dry Erase Sheets to create a space for you to write out/show the problem. The sheets are available in three different sizes. Use the 11 x 8-1/2 or 11 x 17 inch sheets with a laser printer to help customize the white page. 17 x 24 will allow you to map out more complex concepts or solutions.

The conveniently reusable self-sticking mechanism allows you to place it on any common flat surface.  So next time you are working through a problem with either your team, coworkers, or friends, instead of everyone trying to huddle over a note pad, grab these self-adhesive dry erase sheets.

SuperSize Bands Great for Binding Large Items

February 12th, 2019

There is no such thing of not having big enough rubber bands. Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands™ offers a variety of uses for large scale projects. The SuperSize Bands have the ability to expand and be used for different applications such as securing can liners, binding together large documents, holding down carton flaps, binding rolled carpets, etc.

Each color band is assigned a size to help identify how large the band is. There are three available band sizes. This allows you to sort your boxes, bins, bundles and more by color coding. For ease in storage, each pack of SuperSize Bands comes in a resealable poly zip bag.

Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands

The blue Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands are 17” x 1/4” in size,  green bands are 14″ x 1/4″, and red bands are 12″ x 1/4″.

These unique bands are helpful in any other setting such as household, work office, and warehouse. Let us know how you would use these SuperSize Bands  to sort your items in the comment section.

Keep Your Personal Information Private While On the Go

May 3rd, 2018

As the weather is getting warmer, people are now more active and ready to travel more. However, some people do not have good intentions. Tarifold can help you keep your personal information protected with the Hidentity Personal Protection Assortment Set.

In the assortment set there is one passport/document protector, one double pocket card protector, one duo 2 credit card sleeve protector and one secure admission badge holder. Each piece provides maximum data and identity theft protection with the Cryptalloy material. Cryptalloy is a high-tech RFID shielding foil that blocks radio transmission technology.

Say no more to theft of electronic data, identity theft, electronic pickpocketing, payment fraud and unintentional contactless payments. Plus, the plastic sleeves can protect your cards and IDs from being scratched.

The color of each of the items in the Hidentity Personal Protection Assortment Set are in plain dark colors, which can help stay unnoticed from people who have hidden agendas.

Each item in the assortment set has Cryptalloy that outperforms all other aluminum/copper protection material.

This Tarifold item is great item to have while traveling. What do you think about this set?